Bojack Horseman: An Enigma of Tragedy
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Bojack Horseman: An Enigma of Tragedy

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Have you ever scrolled through Netflix and settled on an anime only to find it ain’t actually a comedy series?
Meet Bojack Horseman. Story of an anthropomorphic horse named Bojack.
Bojack deals with the same issue as ’13 reasons why’ but watching this series one might come across 13 reasons why ’13 reasons why’ is an utter joke portraying the tragedy called Life.

“I need to go take a shower so I can’t tell if I’m crying or not.”

More so, Bojack epitomizes life better than any real life characters ever did. Hitting at the stereotypical and frowned upon issue of anxiety, depression and addiction, Bojack doesn’t conform to the accepted notion of what show should be like. Its not a show I enjoyed watching but its definitely a show which will makes you think and appreciate life and people you are with, a little more. Well, one of the lessons you might learn is there is no such thing as a happy or sad ending . Only morning afters. Starring a horse, cat, dog and some human elements, you can find all these non nonsensical theatrics dragging our everyday struggle to the forefront with a hint of dark humor. Well, Life could be hard at times and all those spinning records in our head might overwhelm us however, with a couple of right people who gets us and a dozen of hilarious punchlines, its becomes all bearable. Maybe we are not alone going through this and we don’t have to be alone either. Look around and you’ll find your someone who going to make this all a little easy. All you got to do is trust ’em and let ’em in.

“You Turn Yourself Around. That’s What It’s All About.

The series is set in an alternate universe where animal and humans live side by side. Set in Hollywood LA, its the story of Bojack, a washed up star of the 90s sitcom ‘Horsing around’. Fame and Success are two really devastating thing when taken away and bojack tries hard to reclaim the lost glory only to fall. Again and again. Planning a comeback by writing a autobiography, he finds it hard to start telling his story, afraid people wont like him the way he think they should. Procrastination sets in and his addiction to alcohol takes a toll on him. Todd Chavez, his freeloading roommate has a similar addiction, laziness. Princess Carolyn, his on and off girlfriend and agent finds its difficult to balance her work and personal life, only to be failed by his on and off boyfriend, Bojack. Diane Nguyen, bojack’s ghost writer for his autobiography, is an idealist who always wanted to make this world a better place and you guessed it right, she never makes it either. No matter who you are or What you believe in, there’s bound to be a character in Bojack horseman you can relate to and may be fall in love with. They will mirror your life and your struggles, not to promise you a way out but so you can reflect and find your own. Everyone has a kink, just find yours.

Like Simpsons, this show doesn’t compromise on humor and reality while narrating the story. All the Characters portrayed are dysfunctional in one way or the other and So are their relationships. Isn’t that how our own life is? Princess Carolyn does everything for Bojack, even when he’s a total jackass but he fails to realize her significance until she made her mind to leave him for a guy who are actually 3 kids stacked on top of each other. no one ever notice that except Bojack. Bojack ruins Todd’s career just so he comes back to him sleeping on his couch living a miserable life, like his own. Despite their differences, Mr Peanut butter cares a great deal about Bojack and admires him for his long gone acting career but that feeling is not mutual. Diane and Bojack develops an intimate friendship that becomes awkward and strained after Bojack fall in love with her and ruin it all. Tell me, how can a show be more relatable than this? The characters has shortcomings just like ours. Maybe there’s a couple of things to learn here after all. You wont like Bojack for what he has done with the people in his life and he doesn’t deserve a happy ending. Some even advocated that he should be killed at the end of the show but that’s not how life works right. We make mistakes all the time and instead of sleeping on it, we should make it right. Now Lets talk about the ending which is one the highlights of the show. How do you end something which has been through so much? Well, take two of the characters who got a messy history together, make em sit under the night sky and tell em talk. Without using words. Honestly, Diane and Bojack never needed that. They have known each other so well that their silence could speak all, that words can and more. I wished for them to end up together but that would have been a perfect ending and we hardly see that in real life.

“Same Thing That Always Happens. You Didn’t Know Me And Then You Fell In Love With Me. And Now, You Know Me.”

See Anxiety, Depression and Addiction aren’t something that are taught or talked about and some of us has to learn it the heard way. A better approach might wok and need to sensitize people is high right now. Shows like Bojack Horseman reflects on these with issue with the sensitivity that in actuality, it demands. Its easier to belittle and ignore someone’s pain while going through these deviant feelings but just being there and listening to em might just what they needs the most. It does get easier with time but the hard part is you have to try do this every single day!

“Sometimes Life’s A B**** And Then You Keep Living.”

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